PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management and is a 2 year management course. PGDM as the name suggests is a Post graduation course which aims on training young graduates as innovative and effective leaders.

The idea to induce experiential learning with updated cutting edge curriculum and deep Industry Training. An attempt to improve critical and analytical thinking of the graduate. Preparing them for the industry.

Delhi is a major hub for offering MBA & PGDM Courses. PGDM Delhi is a hallmark in itself for a successful career as their are huge number of
Career Opportunities after PGDM at Delhi

PGDM Specializations | PGDM Courses

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Digital marketing
  • Operations
  • Information Technology Management
  • Public Policy Management
  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurship Management
  • Apparel Management

Lets run it by what you would be learning pursuing a PGDM course from Delhi in detail.

A PGDM College Delhi is credible only if it approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Government of India. PGDM program is one of the finest in the education industry. Alumni of PGDM Delhi Colleges hold strong and significant positions at various levels of industries.

PGDM is training you to understand the dynamics of an organization. Helping students gain conceptual and analytical skills required for appropriate decision making and drafting business strategies.

Post Graduation Diploma in Management (PGDM) programme is spread over 6 semesters over 2 years. Below is what core you shall see in a typical PGDM course in Delhi.

First Year of a PGDM Course

The subjects in the 1st year of the course are general covering all the base concepts preparing a graduate to have a sound understanding of all the disciplines and departments of business management.

The core syllabus will deal with subjects related to business communication, managerial Economics, Business Statistics, Marketing Management , organization design and development, Macroeconomics, IT Management, operations management, Human resource management, consumer behaviour etc

The subjects are divided in 3 terms over a year and vary from college to college

Internship Program

Now here where exposure to industry begins officially. Students undertaking internship programs is practical implementation of their knowledge.

Internship programs have a major impact over your final placements. A well run internship program often gets pre placement officers.

The internship is validated by the colleges where the student is required to submit a formal report and presentation sharing his experience and learning during the internship

Here is where college location comes in handy. PGDM at Delhi is one example. It is near the market hub. Recruiters can be easily approached. Location like Delhi increases the number of opportunities a student receives.

2nd Year of PGDM at Delhi

It is time to choose the majors. Setting your foot in 2nd year is the initiation of choosing what you will be doing your entire life. It is choosing specializations like finance, marketing, operations etc.

Many Colleges offering PGDM in Delhi have a unique feature of a Dual Degree where you can have 2 major specializations thus having broader knowledge and various job options

Some of the major subjects you would be studying in your last year would include legal aspects of business, strategic management, innovation & entrepreneurship, business ethics etc


In the 2nd year at PGDM Delhi Colleges, students undertake 6 months long research project and it involves both theoretical and practical implementation of the concept, A base road map of a dissertation includes selecting a project, conducting primary research for insights, generating synopsis and a strategy, execution in the supervision of faculty of the college and submission of a detailed report on completion.

Rise in Trend of PGDM at Delhi

In the present business scenario, new trends and techniques are emerging at a very fast pace that is focused towards building better customer relationships. In the traditional method of business dealings, selling was the concept. However, with the increase in purchasing power and buying power, people have started expecting more than just a product. They have started sticking to the brand that has a quality product, pre-sales services, and a good after-sales service. These transformed scenarios of present-day business have emerged the need of managers having Post Graduate Diploma in Management.

Career Opportunities after PGDM at Delhi

An good worked PGDM at Delhi grooms your necessary managerial and leadership skills that are required to excel as a successful person managing business and operations in both public and private organizations. You unleash a whole bunch of opportunities after PGDM course. From being a manager to become an entrepreneur, all the doors are open for you.

PGDM course at delhi helps you jump up the hierarchy order of an organization and can get you in the inner circle pretty damn fast.

Entry Level Career Opportunities

  • Management Trainee
  • Business Manager
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Relationship Manager
  • Executive in Finance
  • HR Executive

PGDM Finance Career Options

  • Cash Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Investment Banker
  • Equity Analyst
  • Tax Consultant
  • Research Analyst
  • & Many More….

Career Opportunities in PGDM Marketing

  • Digital Marketer
  • Public Relationship Manager - PR Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Brand Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Event Manager

Apart from these job options available after PGDM from Delhi you can easily go be a part of Board Teams of an organization or even explore the path of entrepreneurship.

Just to be clear it is a very bright future after PGDM but only and only done from a credible source. Delhi in this scenario is leading well and has become the business schools hub in the recent past.

Credibility of PGDM Delhi is high due to a number of reasons like hub of education, huge industry exposure, A major startup’s reside in Delhi and a great return on investment (ROI) & many more….

PGDM Delhi Specializations

1. PGDM in Finance

The complete understanding of financial theories, accounting practices, investment strategy, budgeting, corporate risk, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) etc. Finance is the lifeblood of every organisation, and proper management of the funds will let organisation achieve huge success.

2. Marketing Management

MBA in Marketing covers subjects like Consumer behaviour, Research Marketing, Service market, Industry market etc. Marketing is all about promoting your brand and generating business for the organization. A very creative & people updated with latest trends excel in this course

3. Information Technology

The Industry trend has been shifted towards Tech (Information Technology) and managers are required in huge numbers to lead an idea to it’s Tech product. PGDM in IT prepares students for technology-enabled firms and develop IT analytical skills. Subjects which are covered in Information technology are DBMS, Integrating E-systems & GIS, Application Areas of IT, e-commerce etc.

4. Human Resource Management

The subjects which are covered in Human Resource specialisation are Recruitment, Selection, HR policies, Compensation, Training & Development etc. Human resource is the most important asset of an organisation. It has become essential for the company to manage the needs of employees than to just provide an excellent ambience to them.

5. Operations

Production and Operation specialisation provides the complete understanding of methods of managing inventory with demand and supply ratio. It also involves the study of managing assets, stocks and supplies of the manufacturing unit.

6. PGDM in Digital marketing

The world has gone digital these days. The trend has shifted from traditional marketing to Digital Marketing. In simple words it trans you to market products and services over digital platforms

7.Public Policy Management

As the name suggests it is solution to all public problems. Fundamentals of this course is to understand issues and frame solutions implementing via policies. Prime focus is to tackle challenges in context of crisis, poverty, development, liberalisation and implementation

8.Entrepreneurship Management

Entrepreneurship Management course grooms and trains graduates to identify market needs, formulate a vision to fulfill the market need and lead a team to execute that vision to reality sustaining on a business model profitable to the organization.

This program is also beneficial for students aiming to handle their family business or intend to work as an entrepreneurial Managers

9.International Business

Global Business is tough having to deal with a huge of number of complexities, rules and regulations. PGDM in IB prepares students with specialised skills and knowledge to deal with these complexities and ensure smooth transition process of business development globally. It is to tackle cross culture & cross market challenges to excel in this course

Credibility of PGDM College Delhi

All those fancy courses mentioned above give exponential person only when pursued from recognized colleges. PGDM, Delhi being a hub for Top MBA Colleges has a higher ratio of successful and faster ROI but you never know. Here is a checklist for you to check the credibility of a PGDM College

University Grant Commission Recognition It is the first place to start college research. It is a government built setup to check out mechanics of higher education in India

1. Affiliations
It is very important to get your PGDM diploma from a recognized university. Prior check the affiliation of the college from the college is approved and recognized

2. Placements
I will cut right to the most deciding factor. If a college is capable of getting you decent job opportunities at the end of the course go join it and don’t even think twice. A job offer after 2 years of PGDM Course is what counts and matters the most

3. Exposure
It is all about opportunities. PGDM trains you for the industry and a credibility of PGDM college will be high one capable of providing international exposure, industry training & internships alongside to Professionals in the Market.

4. Time in Field
PGDM is all about network and network builds with time. It is important that whichever college you plan to go in is a long existing organization and is recognized. You wouldn’t want to risk your career at some shady College

5. Location
A prime location makes it easy for Industry professional to get in touch for trainings and all. A far distant college location takes you out of the market. You definitely won’t want that. Delhi being such a prime location for exposure PGDM at delhi can take you distance in your career.

Hope this article helped you, gave you a path ahead of you. Also for any queries feel free to reach out by filling our enquiry form. We will be happy to solve all queries related to PGDM/ MBA Course and colleges.

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