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Be it a corporate training, certification course or a degree/diploma course, assessment has a great importance for all of the above things. It is the only way of judgement through which the actual knowledge of an individual is known. However the assessment criteria can be diferent for diferent fields and this applies to PGDM Delhi as well. It is known that the PGDM course is a professional course that prepares students for working in an industry.


The assessment criteria comprises those activities that analyses an individual’s practical knowledge on management strategies, customer’s expectations, current management strategies and knowledge based on effective utilisation of resources to get the maximum output. Since PGDM focuses on these particular aspects, it has a dynamic criteria of assessments. It would not be an exaggeration to say that to assess dynamic things, one should have a creative way of assessment. Assessment criteria of PGDM focuses on student’s understanding and grasp over different subjects that are theoretical as well as practical. Some of the subjects would be based on arithmetic principles, accountancy, business law and methodologies of research. To understand the person’s grasp over the subject there are many different criterias mentioned below

  • Live projects
  • Industrial trainings
  • Frequent Written tests
  • Vivas
  • Assignments
  • Regularity in classroom
  • Participation in extracurricular activities(2%-3%)
  • The PGDM colleges in Delhi do not follow a regular traditional way of assessment. Since management and marketing strategies are ever changing and get updated every 6th month, colleges encourages their students to keep their eyes and ears open towards current occurrences. The unique aspects of PGDM marks allotment are as follows
  • Percentile method of marks
  • Grades for projects

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