Specialisations offered by PGDM Delhi

Pgdm Delhi- Marketing

Marketing is an essential management segment and every industry keeps on finding newer channels to approach the new customers and retain existing customers. This field has a greater advantage as an employee gets additional allowances and incentives on accomplishing the targets or exceeding the assigned ones. PGDM Delhi offers commendable curriculum for marketing that owns a marketing individual a good package from affluent companies

PGDM Delhi- Finance

Managing financial assets have become quite important for the companies with the advent of internet technologies. Due to hacking and other cyber crimes, companies have to face illegal transactions and losses in a blink of eye. The PGDM Delhi teaches current financial techniques that are more authentic and reliable to save industry’s financial assets. This enables companies to recruit financial experts to recruit on an appreciable salary package.

PGDM Delhi- Human Resource

Human resource is the most essential asset for any organisation and with the advent of more and more industries, it has even become difficult to retain them for longer. Thus, PGDM course in Human resource management is all about achieving the job satisfaction of the employees in the organisation. HR managers are valuable for the companies to a significant level.

PGDM Delhi- Digital marketing

It is the newest and most popular marketing channel used by at least 70% of the literate population in India. Majority of the companies are looking for digital marketing experts to run their website on top of SERP pages, social media channels and paid marketing search. The students specialised in digital marketing gets higher packages and achieves rapid growth

PGDM Delhi- Operation & production management

Production management is a great field that has achieved great advancements in the recent years. Monitoring the supply and demand ratios of the products manufactured along with management of inventories is done by operation managers. It has considerably enhanced their value in the manufacturing and production industries.

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