The PGDM Delhi colleges are focussed towards making their students capable of handling toughest challenges they might have to face in future. Thus, it is necessary to give them a good grasp over the subject. This would not be possible without implementing modern ways of teaching in the present day business schools. There are several modes of teaching that is benefitting the students in understanding the crux of the subject. The PGDM Delhi offers lecture rooms, where students are given video lectures through laser projectors on big screens. They are taken to industrial visits to make them understand the actual working in the organisations, which is different to what they read in books. Live projects done by students encourages them to analyse the organisational, marketing or financial goals of a company in a more logical manner. In addition to this, it also increases their aptitude for researching things, which ultimately allows them to have a mastery over their subject.


Training in organisations also gives them a better understanding of management tactics. Additionally. Event organisation, discussion activities and presentations makes learning more enjoyable and effective.